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TASLY is a chinese owned pharmaceutical company creating health and achieving future by selling its products through the multi level strategies.

The products are so efficient in such a way that even the USA FDA gives approval to their usage in USA and WHO has given credit to them, the international standardization etc have given full support and credit to our products.

** Listed in the international stock exchange in China - A class stock/First class

** Top Modern Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) company in China and rank at the top among more that 6000 TCM manufacturers in China.

** There are more that 10,000 hospitals around the world using TASLY Products.

** Practicing 6 G's - GAP, GMP, GLP, GEP, GCP, GSP.

** Over 100million worldwide consumers including America, Africa France, Rusia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia etc.

** Awards and achievements - FDA, GMP, ISO 9001/4001, OSHMS, TGS, Halal Certificate from JAKIM and approved by Ministry of Health Malaysia.


TASLY MALAYSIA was established in March 2004 with Capital of RM5 Million.

Please leave your contact detail if you interested to join TASLY. We will contact back A.S.A.P

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Success Nite

Success Nite

Malam Anugerah (Seremban NS)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Team Building and Leadership Seminar

All qualified Super 5 leaders from N.Sembilan, Melaka, Johor, Kl and Selangor had Team Building was invited to participate the Team Building and Leader Ship Seminar on 18th Oct 2008 at Mayang Sari Port Dickson.

I was the only one participant from Negeri Sembian. The rest 36 were from other state.... but it's okay... It was fun and I made a lot of new friends. They were all very friendly and highly motivated!

Thank you to TASLY and Mayang Sari Team building staff for a great event. Everyone enjoyed and the event was super fun.
Those who attended felt everything went superbly well.

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